Monday, December 7, 2009

Sherry Lewallen

Mom got this email from a friend this morning. We can totally see dad jumping up and down like an excited little 4 year from the kids that came to know the Lord that day. Mom wanted me to share it. Thank you Sherry for tell mom and thank you Russ.

Jane, I'm praying for you today and wanted to pass along something that happened at church last night. R.G. and I are living in Atlanta now. We are attending FB Woodstock and Newsong was there last night. When Russ Lee started giving the invitation, he mentioned a friend from his church named Ted Spottswood. He told about Ted's dedication and love for the Lord and how he always reached out to others. He said what a great man of God he was and that he had gone to be with our Lord. When he finished, there was about 30 young kids and teenagers that went forward, maybe more. I just thought "Ted must be rejoicing with the angels at those kids coming to know Jesus". That was his life and now God is using Ted's legacy to bring Him glory and draw others to Him. I just wanted to share this with you. Love you, Jane and pray God will continue to comfort you and be your strength. Sherry

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