Friday, December 11, 2009

Sean Miles

The Lord placed a young homeless man in my life Friday night Dec. 4th. My family put him up in a hotel, and fed him a meal. I got to sit and talk with him for a while. He is 19 and living on the street. The Lord is really going after this one. The next day, the Lord impressed on my heart to take him to the service for Ted. I had no fear in doing this because I knew it would be a celebration of a life well lived and that this young man needed a Godly example of a man. We were pulling up to church and he says to me “I have been to this Church before. I visited and missed my bus and one of your pastors took me back to where I was staying.”

We get into the service and it was awesome! The number of people celebrating Ted’s life and ministry, even in the personal pain of missing him. I miss him.

About halfway through, this young man looks at me and says, “That’s the guy that gave me a ride!” Of course it was…

In an unsurprising act of service, Ted opened a door for the Lord to use. By his life, the Lord showed this young man what a legacy is and what a man who loves Jesus looks like. By his homecoming, the Lord brought the circle closed in this young man’s mind that the Lord loves him and is showing His hand and plan in his life. I used that door to let this young man know that the Lord is screaming his name.

Be encouraged, even now the Lord is using Ted.


Matt Woodruff said...

Thank you so much Sean for sharing this. It will never cease to amaze me how many people that Ted affected. These are the stories that will live forever. Praise God!

Mark said...

Is anyone really was Ted...that's just who he was :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reminder you and Ted are to all of us.