Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Message from Lisa

A friend that I went to Samford with sent me a message on Facebook today and I thought I should share it. It is amazing!

"Kat! So, I was at a Christian concert last night in Dothan, AL and towards the end of the concert the lead singer starts telling a story to lead into his testimony. He told the story of Ted Spottswood!!! It was the lead singer of Newsong (Russ) and he talked about the way Ted lived his life, his Christian example, the encouragement he gave Newsong and everyone, he talked about how the room lit up when Ted came into the room, and went on and on. He then led into how Ted passed away and how Ted is in a better place. How this will be the hardest Christmas for his family but THE BEST Christmas for Ted! He then asked the audience "are you ready like Ted was to meet your maker?" FIFTEEN people werre saved JUST LAST NIGHT!! I talked to Russ afterwards and he said that HUNDREDS of people have been saved at these concerts after hearing Ted's story and being presented with Jesus's message! Isn't that amazing!?!? God is using this awful thing for HIS GLORY!!! HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAVED!!!!!! How cool is that??"

Anyone else have chills??


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