Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Message from Lisa

A friend that I went to Samford with sent me a message on Facebook today and I thought I should share it. It is amazing!

"Kat! So, I was at a Christian concert last night in Dothan, AL and towards the end of the concert the lead singer starts telling a story to lead into his testimony. He told the story of Ted Spottswood!!! It was the lead singer of Newsong (Russ) and he talked about the way Ted lived his life, his Christian example, the encouragement he gave Newsong and everyone, he talked about how the room lit up when Ted came into the room, and went on and on. He then led into how Ted passed away and how Ted is in a better place. How this will be the hardest Christmas for his family but THE BEST Christmas for Ted! He then asked the audience "are you ready like Ted was to meet your maker?" FIFTEEN people werre saved JUST LAST NIGHT!! I talked to Russ afterwards and he said that HUNDREDS of people have been saved at these concerts after hearing Ted's story and being presented with Jesus's message! Isn't that amazing!?!? God is using this awful thing for HIS GLORY!!! HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAVED!!!!!! How cool is that??"

Anyone else have chills??


Friday, December 11, 2009

Sean Miles

The Lord placed a young homeless man in my life Friday night Dec. 4th. My family put him up in a hotel, and fed him a meal. I got to sit and talk with him for a while. He is 19 and living on the street. The Lord is really going after this one. The next day, the Lord impressed on my heart to take him to the service for Ted. I had no fear in doing this because I knew it would be a celebration of a life well lived and that this young man needed a Godly example of a man. We were pulling up to church and he says to me “I have been to this Church before. I visited and missed my bus and one of your pastors took me back to where I was staying.”

We get into the service and it was awesome! The number of people celebrating Ted’s life and ministry, even in the personal pain of missing him. I miss him.

About halfway through, this young man looks at me and says, “That’s the guy that gave me a ride!” Of course it was…

In an unsurprising act of service, Ted opened a door for the Lord to use. By his life, the Lord showed this young man what a legacy is and what a man who loves Jesus looks like. By his homecoming, the Lord brought the circle closed in this young man’s mind that the Lord loves him and is showing His hand and plan in his life. I used that door to let this young man know that the Lord is screaming his name.

Be encouraged, even now the Lord is using Ted.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mike Woodruff

To All who Knew "The Ted"!

As Matt's Dad, I remember him telling me, I was going to have the opportunity to meet Katie's Dad. My wife, Teresa & I already knew Jane from back in the "ole school days", so we were anxious to meet Ted! All Matt told me was how much he liked Ted, and that we would like him too! He mentioned that he had the most unorthodox golf swing he had ever witnessed! Game On!

The day came to meet Ted. The moment we met Ted a big "smile" came across his face and he said, "I have been waiting to meet both of you, b/c I think we are going to be seeing a lot of each other in the near future". He gave us both a "big bear hug"! I paused and Thanked God that my son Matt would have this man in his life, and what a blessing that would be! Ted never let me down! From that time on, Ted painted a portrait for me of what it looks like to live a dedicated life for God, Family, and Friends! God gave Ted the ability to be so uninhibited in his faith that all people, young and old , knew where he stood in his Christian journey!

In closing; I have been given a lot of gifts in my life, but the one I will cherish the most is how Ted lived his life! What a beautiful portrait he left with me!I know and have the assurance that one day Ted & I will rejoice together again!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sherry Lewallen

Mom got this email from a friend this morning. We can totally see dad jumping up and down like an excited little 4 year from the kids that came to know the Lord that day. Mom wanted me to share it. Thank you Sherry for tell mom and thank you Russ.

Jane, I'm praying for you today and wanted to pass along something that happened at church last night. R.G. and I are living in Atlanta now. We are attending FB Woodstock and Newsong was there last night. When Russ Lee started giving the invitation, he mentioned a friend from his church named Ted Spottswood. He told about Ted's dedication and love for the Lord and how he always reached out to others. He said what a great man of God he was and that he had gone to be with our Lord. When he finished, there was about 30 young kids and teenagers that went forward, maybe more. I just thought "Ted must be rejoicing with the angels at those kids coming to know Jesus". That was his life and now God is using Ted's legacy to bring Him glory and draw others to Him. I just wanted to share this with you. Love you, Jane and pray God will continue to comfort you and be your strength. Sherry

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Dad

When I think of memories of my dad right now. I think of all the funny stories.

I am sure it is to no ones surprise that there are a lot of funny Ted stories.

One that I was present for, but do not remember, was the day I was born. Being the first born, mom and dad didn't realize that when a baby comes out of a teeny tiny hole their heads can be a little pointy for a short time. So when the Dr. handed me to my mom she was a little taken back by the pointy headed child that was just put in her arms. Then Dad being the forever optimist, said, "Well honey, we can atleast play football with her."

At my wedding, my dad made sure he was on his best behavior. He really wanted to make sure that he didn't do or say anything wrong. When he walked me down the aisle to answer the question who was giving away this woman to be with this man...
He answered, with all the confidence in the world...
Bless him, he tried.

One of dad's faults was that he didn't pay attention to details.
Like the time we were out and we both needed to use the restroom. While we were walking to our restrooms we were talking to each other and neither one of us were paying attention (a quality I inherited) and he walked into the ladies restroom with me! Luckily one of us came to our senses and he jumped out, but now without making some type of scene.

When we were living in Knoxville, one Christmas break I came home from college, I was going to help dad and work a lock-in (like a sleepover but everyone stayed up all night) for the high schoolers. I wanted to drive my brother's, new to him, car. Dad jumped in the car with me and as I was driving up the road we were both trying to figure out the cd player. While I was looking down the road curved ever so slightly so I ran into a mailbox. Totally took it out.
Dad just laughed and said, "Well I guess it is a better time then ever to meet the neighbors."
When they answered the door they mentioned that they just moved in.
Both of us said, "Welcome to the neighborhood!...um...we broke your mailbox."

I know that most kids go through a stage where they are embarrassed for their parents to be around their friends. I can honestly say, I never felt that way. I knew that everyone would love both my parents and especially my dad.

I am truly honored to have been his daughter and cherish every day that I had with him. Especially those 3 and a half years we lived next door to each other.

Thank you Lord, for giving me such an incredible dad! Please help us to carry on his legacy with our children.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Ted Celebration

Ted Spottswood was truly a memorable man. He affected so many people. Help our family celebrate his life by telling stories about him of how you will remember him. We want any story you have about the Ted - they can be happy, sad, inspiring, or silly. If you really can't think of any specific story, feel free to leave your thoughts here.

We will all miss him but help us remember him. Please click on comment below to leave your story about the Ted. If you have trouble leaving a comment, email your story to tedcelebration@gmail.com and we'll post them.