Thursday, November 4, 2010

Golf Swing

So I spent my life learning how to swing a golf club in a very fluid motion from my Papa and Dad. I would guess that this started when I was somewhere around 10-12 years old. Learning ever so intently that where my feet were lined up is where the ball was going, therefore making sure that the line that my toes make is the direction I would like to hit my ball. Years of learning this through my teen years, and observing many people play golf and through church tournaments, would not compare to the impact of watching Ted swing.

So here I was fairly new to the Spottswood family and shaking as I go "try" to play against the father of my girlfriend. He gave me a very very subtle talk on the way to the golf course that he does have an awkward swing, and to not worry about being nervous playing in front of him. But that he did play in college, but not to worry we are here to have Christ-like fun. "Right..." I said in my competitive nature.

So we get on the 1st Tee box after paying and small amount stretching. He let me go first and I totally sliced as normal, for one thing I was still nervous even after Ted's nice talk. But then Ted gets up there. Many words and explanations will not be able to describe my thought process nor my internal gut reaction to what happened next.

Ted gets up there and totally points his feet to the severe left (which was a large parking lot) and his hands weren't properly placed on the club, and aligned the ball to his back foot. Here are just some of the ideas flying a million miles an hour through my head:
"Is he just trying to make me feel better, because if so then this is awesome cause I feel great...."
"He is totally going to hit one of those cars and we'll immediately get thrown off the course, (unless we can run really fast to our car.)"
"This is amazing just how far off alignment he is, he is going to switch back any minute for giggles."
"Wait I've seen this on TV before, never in real life"
"How am I going to react when he totally misses the ball, do I laugh or is it too early in our relationship to do this? Or do I just turn around, start walking to the cart in hopes he doesn't see me giggling inside? Its Ted I'm going to laugh."

Then it happened. The ball was hit. So here is the great part, it wasn't just hit, it was hit in the best possible way you can hit the ball. It's Unbelievable, what did I just witness? We got to the 2nd tee box and it happened again. And again for the next 10 years.

This was Ted, Ted playing golf. His swing was perfect for him, and I've never seen anyone else swing the way he did and be able to hit the 300 yard mark. I really hope I don't because this is one thing that made him very special to me. His uniqueness, quality, and devout nature he had to playing this game. He LOVED this game for it was his escape. He would get out on the course and play with all intensity to accomplish his personal goal, and in those journeys I watched. I focused in on his deliverance, methods, struggles, and got to see the true nature of Ted. I loved playing with him and miss playing with him.

Ted, I miss you greatly and really happy that we spent these times together. I do hope you are perfecting the swing that made you unique, for I can't wait to see it again. Tell Jesus hey..... Love, Matt

And this is one more story of Celebration for the life lived by Ted Spottswood.

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